02/22: A little simplistic?

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First of all I'll apologize for the image quality. Most of the shots on this site are taken with a cell phone camera. And available light greatly affects image quality.

So I found this a while ago on a contract gig.
First lets show the setup. This is what I saw approaching the station.
What I saw on approach.

As I came closer I could not help but notice the surge strip had a label on it.
Here's a closer view of the label.
closer view
If you cannot read it, it says:
Light on.
Unit is OK.
Light off.
Replace unit.

So here's my amusement with this.
Light on unit is Ok - That works I guess.
Light off, replace unit - ?
How about power is off, or unit is unplugged or unit is turned off, or unit needs to be reset.



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