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Fri 02/26/2010: Catchy slogan or professional credibilty.

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Nothing make me feel confident about someones qualifications and capabilities to provide instruction to improve language skills and ablilities like deliberately miss spelling something for a cliched name.
You know it would have worked if they left of the "English"

Wed 02/24/2010: Guess it beats diesel

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Bet she purrs like a kitten!

I remember a gas commercial that promised a "Tiger in you tank!" Is he saying there's a tabby in the tank?

Tue 02/23/2010: And this campers is why I wear full face helmets with visor at night.

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During the day I make sure I have either a visor down or am behind a full windshield. This picture is the result of a dusk trip through a semi-rural on my smaller motorcycle with a half windshield. And people wonder why I question the intelligence of riders that will not wear a helmet and won't have a windshield.

More buggy detail

Mon 02/22/2010: A little simplistic?

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First of all I'll apologize for the image quality. Most of the shots on this site are taken with a cell phone camera. And available light greatly affects image quality.

So I found this a while ago on a contract gig.
First lets show the setup. This is what I saw approaching the station.
What I saw on approach.

As I came closer I could not help but notice the surge strip had a label on it.
Here's a closer view of the label.
closer view
If you cannot read it, it says:
Light on.
Unit is OK.
Light off.
Replace unit.

So here's my amusement with this.
Light on unit is Ok - That works I guess.
Light off, replace unit - ?
How about power is off, or unit is unplugged or unit is turned off, or unit needs to be reset.


Sat 02/20/2010: Unclear

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I think this person is making a statement. I'm not sure what it is, but they do appear to be enjoying themselves.
bird car on the interstate

And closer (click here to see large version)

Wed 02/17/2010: Really?

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This was sent to us by Cabul of Squak!


Seems we've been WebSensed! That is itself would be funny. But the real funny is that this is from a place where Cabul and I worked together. And it appears to be directly added to their filters as I know several other companies that use Websense and they can get here just fine. Seems some people there still don't like me. And they have entirely too much time on their hands.

I especially love the category as there is no mail server on this domain.
Full size image here

Tue 02/16/2010: I don't know if this is good or bad.

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Is it better to have dumb criminals with access to firearms, or a smart criminal. This is definitely the product of a dumb criminal. From the makers of bad idea jeans!

What we have here is a home made silencer on a little revolver. I suspect it's a 32, but I don't know as I'm not able to identify pistols on sight, it both modified and damaged and I was not allowed to handle it.

The issues, in order of importance to me starting from safety and leading on to effectiveness:
A) modifying a weapons barrel is a great way to induce weakness or blockages unless you know exactly what you are doing ala a gunsmith. These in turn can result in a variety of catastrophic failures starting with barrel rupture and continuing up to the possibility of a round getting stuck in the barrel which means the next round fired will likely cause the firearm to misfire and explode. As this modification was not straight in line with the I don't believe there is in indicator of gunsmith level of workmanship.

B) Silencers or suppressors are specially designed with a series of baffles that the bullet travels through. As it passes through the hole that is precisely milled to match the diameter of the round, each baffle effectively peals of some of the sound, flash and gasses created by the burning gun powder. As this is a home made silencer it is unlikely the baffles it contains (if any) fit the ammunition size closely to be effective. Now if we consider that the silencer is not on perfectly parallel to the barrel... Yeah, no baffle at all I suspect.

C) This is a big one. SILENCERS DO NO WORK ON REVOLVERS. Sorry for shouting, but really dumb criminal, read a book. As mentioned in B) silencers work by containing the sound and gasses the burning gun power creates. The problem with revolvers is that they are not sealed in the firing area nor along the bullet path. Gases and sound can escape around the rear of the drum that holds the bullet in place so the hammer or pin can fire the round. Likewise the front of the drum is another point where gases can escape. So at best in a perfectly filled and mounted suppressor you could only get partial effectiveness. This might be enough to mask the noise from a couple of blocks out of doors or perhaps enough that one could shoot inside a structure with out people outside the structure hearing it. But not on a home brew off angle concoction.

You know what, I'm going to vote in favor of dumb criminals.

BTW if you want to see this little gem for yourself it is in the policeman's memorial room at the Firefighters Hall and Museum in Minneapolis. This is a great little museum run mostly by retired or current firemen in a volunteer basis. There are some fantastic preserved firetrucks, tons of firefighter equipment and great displays. There are mock ups and a fire truck kids can climb on and in the summer there are fire truck rides. Kids seem to love it.

Mon 02/15/2010: One weird qwerty.

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Not really funny but trippy to the eye. This is apparently an ergonomic qwerty layout. I'm not convinced.

It just looks awkward?!

Fri 02/12/2010: Sometimes it's good to get a little constructive criticism

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It will sometimes stop you from making choices you shouldn't. The poster below is a great example. If they had asked someone not involved in the project that created it, they would have been shown their miss fire.
smoke 'm if you got 'm
I think the idea here was supposed to be that smoking is like being on a sinking ship. But really I gotta say that if you are in that position and smoking makes you feel better,... light the hell up. And actually if I'm there with you and smoking keeps you smiling in the situation above, I think I'd take one too. This little poster of fail is courtesy the VA hospital.

Thu 02/11/2010: Evergizer

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Would the mascot be the Evergizer Catbit?
I saw this while shopping one day. I thought it funny that flashlight from major battery maker A would include batteries from minor(comparitively) battery maker B.

I later found out that A owns B. But still at this point is the savings worth the brand confusion?