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Sun 10/12/2008: Trouble in paradise?

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Today's item is a screen shot of a page from the website of the Flight Heritage Collection, a organization dedicated to the recovery and preservation of historic aircraft, a worthy goal.
Directions to FHC.

FHC was founded by one Paul Allen. This Paul Allen.

Don't see what's funny. Look at the map. Look at who provided it. Click here for a larger image.

Sat 10/11/2008: Oh for pete's sake....

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This one is sent to us by janta.
Freedom Tickler?

Words failed me on this one for a while.

Where to start...

I guess freedom fries weren't enough? What's next, "Old Glory cockrings?"

And then there is the flag aspect. Somehow I'm really REALLY sure that the people who do their best to educate about proper care and respect for the flag would agree that this is not proper display or respect.

And then there is the pickup line aspect... "Come on baby, it's your patriotic duty! Take one for the USA!"

Fri 10/10/2008: Sometimes you need to be more careful when choosing a name...

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Today we have a fender-bender in downtown St. Paul. No biggie right?
A simple accident?

This is plain by itself any how because there is nothing unusual about a courier van in a accident, as anyone who works in a downtown area can tell you.

But then, look closer..

Spelling issues aside, this is obviously a "specktacular" accident!

And having seen this truck downtown a fair bit, I'm not surprised.. Dude, slow down a bit.