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Fri 09/21/2007: I don't know if I'd advertise....

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Yeah but is she nice?

Fri 09/21/2007: Is that in the shop manual?

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Today's wonder is at a location I cannot disclose [edit]couldn't previously disclose - Minnesota Department of Human Services.[/Edit]

See there was this elevator. And it needed "fixin'". And I guess to fix it the outer door had to be held open. So take a gander at these next 3 and as I zoom in, please notice the "tool" being used.
What's that holding the door open...
No it can't be...
Remember to only use Sharpie (tm) brand elevator door wedges and markers

Wed 09/05/2007: I don't think you are helping your cause chief...

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First, just to clarify, I'm actually mostly pro-gun ownership. But I'm also capable of seeing some issues with the gun crowd. I know that personally nothing makes a me feel better about an emotionally charged issue that I'm concerned about or perhaps on the fence about than a personalized license plate that calls up images reminiscent of Hollywood B movies from the 70's. FIRE GOOD, GUNS OK, SABERTOOTH CAT BAAADDDDD!!!!! If anyone is listening, smug bumper stickers from any political perspective work almost as well...FIRE GOOD, GUNS OK, SABERTOOTH CAT BAAADDDDD!!!