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Sun 08/26/2007: Almost as bad as the Donk

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This is not the seventh seal, so that is good, but I think these are just a bit silly and worth a laugh.

So the question is, who thought that models of these contributions from AMC were needed?

Thu 08/02/2007: This is either the breaking of the seventh seal, or a beautiful example of the stupefaction of America

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introducing the "donk"
I give you the "Donk"...actually this might not be a technical donk, as apparently they are 1980's-1990's models. A donk is a middle model American made POS (note - I do not mean to imply that all American cars are POS's although the percentage seems inordinate, but rather most would agree that donks start from one that definitely are) that is raised, with huge rims (which normally far exceed the value of the donk itself. As time, money and stupidity allow the rest of a car is then pimped out. Now what is sad/funny about this picture is that it is a model of a donk. So much for the next generation. I choose to laugh at this, 'cause otherwise you gotta cry. And to round out your trivia for the day, donk is short for Donkey.

*note*- I've seen donks in the wild and as soon as I can snap a picture, I will.